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Spatial Mass







U p d a t e s

 (since the begining of the 64 bits versions in July 2018)


july-21: the regular version of the SpatLine and the SpaKeys are now working on MacOS

june-09: new QuadDelay 64

june-05: UniRing 64X better amplitude modulation, Pulse wave width and random wave smoothing settings

june-1: new SpatSampler 64L (Win)

may-24: new SweetSampler L6 (Win)

may-12: new MassSampler 1664 (Win)

april-21: Spat3D 2n visualization help for setting the Center Compensation parameters

april-3: new SweetSpat 4L and 6L 64 channels easy panners for sphere based immersive formats

march-29: AleaSampler, BrushSampler, KaleidoSampler and VaporSampler the waveform could not be visible; MorphPlayer & Sampler the MIDI control of the polar pads was not accurate (Win)

march-27: new SpatHaas 136 multidelay

march-17: updated AmbiSamplerAnimaSampler, BrushSampler & Player, ConcatSampler & Player, Concatenator, MorphSampler & Player, MultiSampler & Player, PathSampler, SampXPlorer, ScattSampler and TouchSampler & Player (Win)

march-16: new single merged versions of AleaSampler/Player, KaleidoSampler/PlayerStretchSampler/Player and VaporSampler/Player (Win)

march-15: the recording durations in the "Samplers" plugins is no more theoretically limited, the changes will be made in the next updated versions

march-10: BrushSampler and BrushPlayer 64 channels delay/resonator and various improvements

march-08: ConcatPlayer/Sampler and Concatenator: new envelope aux modulator; MIDI note to play position; wider range gain setting for each sample which is reflected in the Waveform views; the play position view is now different for each sample according to its length + beta MacOS compatibility

march-03: TouchPlayer Loader improvements, "MiniMousePad" gesture controller (Win)

march-01: BrushPlayer 464 layers crossfade is now polyphonic; all "Brush" versions: Center Area modulation source

feb-28: TouchSampler 48 "MiniMousePad" gesture controller, global Pitch and Release settings + MacOS compatibility

feb-27: Polyphonic Portamento for the samplers and players that support MIDI notes input (Win)

feb-26: StretchPlayer 1664, AleaPlayer 64ConcatPlayer 1664 are versions optimized for long samples (Win)

feb-25: BrushSampler enhanced Move mode; it is now splitted into BrushSampler (Record) and BrushPlayer (Load) supporting long samples

feb-24: the KaleidoSampler 64 is splitted into two versions: KaleidoSampler (Record) and KaleidoPlayer (Load) supporting long samples

feb-23: all "samplers" adjustment of the sample max duration for each plugin in order to optimize resources and operation before going to Mac (Win)

feb-21: AleaSampler with "MiniMousePad" gesture controller (Win)

feb-20: AmbiSampler has a Component Morphing section and a 1st order reverberation (Win)

feb-19: AnimaPlayer, FocusPlayer and Texturizer now support 24 bits files

feb-18: SpatTouch "A" version with Polyphonic Aftertouch

feb-17: TouchSampler "R" with Step recorder and 64 outputs dynamic scaling + 25 samples/pads version (Win)

feb-16: AmbiSampler, BrushSampler, MorphSampler, ScaleSampler, VaporSampler: Polyphonic Aftertouch modulation section (Win)

feb-15: TouchSampler Polyphonic Aftertouch support, Curve and Inertia settings now affect the three control modes (Win)

feb-14: AleaSampler temporary removal of the sample Load, max recording extended to 60" and Poly Aftertouch modulation section (Win)

feb-13: all MultiSampler versions have now a fixed sample length limit of 25" (Win)

feb-12: KaleidoSampler Instant Gestures, Shaper modulator, direct MIDI modulations and various improvements (Win)

feb-10: StretchSampler, ConcatSampler, Concatenator, VaporSampler and BrushSampler: Instant Gesture curves visualization

feb-09: MorphSampler 864 new Sample Layers mode and Morphing Inertia parameter ; MultiBrushSampler 64 alpha version; SimpleStretcher 16 (Win)

feb-08: BrushSampler 64, ScaleSampler, MorphSampler 864, VaporSampler 864, PathPlayer, AnimaSampler 864, StretchSampler 1664, ConcatSampler: 16 to 64 channels router/mixer, will be progressively integrated in all other relevant plugins

feb-07: FocusGrains better grain engine now with Feedback + 32 channels more efficient version (Win)

feb-06: SpatLayers 848 GUI update

feb- 05: ConcatSampler 1664 and Concatenator 32 alpha versions (Win)

feb-04: StretchSampler 1664 no more initialization problems + 848L version (Win)

feb-03: new SampXplorer 24-8 (Win)

feb-02: TouchSampler 48 alternative DisPatcher output mode

jan-31: StretchSampler 1664 alpha version (Win)

jan-30: new OctoMorph 64 and MorphSampler 864 (Win) to be used with main octophonic microphones setups

jan-29: KaleidoTone 854 multi-band peak follower as output modulation source

jan-28: PathSPlayer 16-64 interpolation curves, amplitude, shift, flip for each shaper; ScaleSampler 864 multiphonic spatial modulations

jan-27: SpatLine 64X (Windows version) better Shaper editor with Load/Save presets, Fine gesture setting, updated PDF; FocusMass Mono Output mode option

jan-26: new KaleidoTone 164; KaleidoMass 864 mono input mode with time decorelation

jan-24: KaleidoMass 854 a lot of improvements!

jan-22: new KaleidoSampler 64; KaleidoSynth 64X and KaleidoCutter 64X "panner" output mode option

jan-21: new SpatTouch 64; TouchSampler 64 CC Curve and Inertia settings

jan-19: TouchSampler 48 pitch and loop random generators and global controller, peak meters visualization on pads

jan-18: PathPlayer 64 beta version (Win); SpatPath 16-64X morphed path visualization

jan-17: TouchSampler 48 beta version (Win)

jan-16: ScattSampler 64 alpha version (Win)

jan-15: MultiSampler 16, 32 and 64 alpha versions (Win)

jan-14: new ScaleSampler 864 (Win)

jan-13: the AmbiSampler 1ST replaces the previous AmbiPlayer 1X (Win)

jan-11: Vaporizer new global modulators and preliminary Patch system (Win)

jan-10: AleaSampler 64 new Auto Trigger mode (Win)

jan-09: new MiniRez 64 ; Shift parameter for the MiniDeco 64X

jan-08: the UniRing 64X, the SpatPath 16-64X and the OctOscillo are now compatible with MacOS

jan-07: SpaceXplorer 328X and 3216X inputs and outputs Peak Meters 

jan-05: AleaSampler, BrushSampler and VaporSampler sampling engine improvements (Win)

jan-04: VaporSampler 864 and 1636 beta versions (Win)

jan-01: BrushSampler 18, 48L and 64 beta versions (Win)


dec-31: AleaSampler 64 beta version (Win)

dec-26: BrushSampler 18 and PolySpatSampler 64 alpha versions (Win)

dec-22: Spat3D 280X remove the Polar Controller

dec-19: the SpatLine3D 16-64X is renamed to SpatPath 16-64X with improvements in the Follower section (Win)

dec-12: new ScaleLines 4X16 multipurpose space transformer / adapter

nov-26: new MPESpat 848 to transform a multi-outputs instrument into a MPE driven spatial one (Win32)

nov-24: SpaceConverter 2L48 version ; new SpaceMixer 328X

oct-04: new UniRing 64X (Win)

sept-21: the SpatLine3D 16-64X is a SpatSteps companion dedicated to lines segments (Win)

sept-13: OctoMass 864X SpatialMic horizontal orientation option

aug-14: MultiSynth 64X the global Shape control had no effect on the voice #30

aug-13: FocusMass modulators new sync and phase parameters

aug-12: SpatLine 64X UltraSlow envelope times (Win)

aug-10: the SimpleTest 64X MacOS version doesn't block the inputs anymore!

aug-09: the FocusFilter, the FocusMass and the FocusShifter can also be used with a mono input

aug-08: OctoMass 864X new "Focus" and "Wideness" parameters

july-29: MiniDeco 64X, correction of a bug that was introduced in the previous build in the Chaos value

july-28: the OctoMass 864X joins the TetraMass and the ZyliaMass in the "A-Format" tools, this time dedicated to the Voyage Audio Spatial Mic and other 2nd order ambisonic microphones

june-16: SpatMass 1636X and 1664X new 16 channels "Sphere" shape (4.8.4)

june-10: UniComp 64X the ratio slider is now logarithmic to give more place and precision for the expander side

june-09: DiffuseVerb 64X new 64 channels delay for subtle (or not) time decorelations, user defined Volume attenuation to compensate (or not) for the diffusion energy accumulation (Win)

june-06: SpaceXplorer 328X has now an Area Shape parameter and four Modulators ; new 16 outputs version

june-02: TetraMass 464X new mode for triangle based orientation, Upside-Down mode, new Fold and H-Scale transformations

june-01: OctOscillo 8 channels oscilloscope and OctAnalyzer 8 channels spectrum analyzer (Windows)

may-24 : SpatSampler 3D64 various UI improvements (Win32); UniVerb 64X Mix is replaced with Send (Win)

may-23 : MiniDeco 64X and MultiMass 64X, inputs from 1 to 64 channels can be automatically distributed among the 64 processing channels; Basic Bundle update with example project for Reaper

may-22: Focus series: the focus' size, position and shape respond directly to the common acousmodules' MIDI CC # (11, 12, 15, 07, 08)

may-21: the Spat3D 2n and the SpatLayers 2n respond now directly to MIDI messages for the basic parameters like the Win32 versions (LX = 11, LY = 12, RX = 13, RY = 14, LZ = 15, RZ = 16, Area = 07, Shape = 08)

may-20: (for Windows users) the SpatKeys, MassKeys, SpatLine, SpatStrument and the LightWave don't need to use TheDetour anymore! SpatKeys LE and SpatLine LE reduced but working versions for MacOS

may-18: installation folders cleaning ; now identical plugins with different number of channels are placed in the same archive ; it may be advised to download them again...

may-17: Bundles update + new "Basic Bundle" for starters (I was waiting for the Preset problems to be solved, but it will be for the next batch... I hope)

may-11: lite SpatMass 818X version with only 8 inputs and 18 outputs

may-09: MultiMass 64X new Chaos Macro

may-07: MultiPitch 64, the Morph Time is now up to 1 minute ! (Win32)

may-06: SpectraSplitter 16X and SpectraShaper, ability to change the crossover frequencies curve from "very exponential" to very "logarithmic" ; SpectraShaper delays acceleration curves, Envelope Follower modulator

may-04: SpectraShaper 1636X and 1664X, new variations of the "Spectra" principle based on the SpatMass spatial shapes and Band delays

may-03: SpectraMass 36X and 64X : new Flocking settings, 8 modulators for advanced organic animations, CPU optimizations

may-02: the Spat3D and SpatLayers series have a Smoothing option to reduce the CPU consumption during automations, if needed...

may-01: new global space processor SpaceScaler 64L

april-30 : new ScaleMass 3264X version ; Flocking settings in the 864X version

april-29 : AnimaSpat, AnimaGrains, AnimaPlayer and AnimaSynth smoothing option and CPU optimizations

april-28 : SpatMass, MassLayers, MassGrains, MassSynth and ZyliaMass smoothing option and CPU optimizations

april-27 : the MultiMass 64X has 4 macro controls to transform all the 64 points shapes at once, various CPU optimizations

april-26 : ScaleMass 2436X and AggregaSynth 2436X, new option to reduce the smoothing during automations to preserve CPU and to prevent stutter

april-25 : FocusGrains 64X, separate areas curves from #32 were wrong ; it has now a modulations Patch system similar to the other members of the"Focus" family (Win)

april-22 : the LevelMorph 64 has now labels to name its shapes and amplitude Response Curve choice (Win32)

april-21 : SpatPeaks Mini, miniaturized version of the SpatPeaks 3D

april-19 : UniGain 64X new Inertia setting

april-18 : Scatterizer, ScatterGrains, ScatterVerb and Dynamover : the input can be continuously set from 1 to 64 channels and is automatically distributed over the 64 processing lines

april-16 : DiffuseVerb 64X neighbouring channels algorythm optimizations (Win)

april-15 : SpatSEQ 64X new GUI but always alpha stage (Win)

april-14 : the SpatLayers 248-3, 264-3 and 264-4 have little buttons to jump directly at layers levels

april-13 : the SpatKeys 64X has finally an arpeggiator ! (Windows version only)

april-12 : new DiffuseVerb 64X (Win)

april-11 : ScatterSynth 64X GUI improvements, updated french PDF

april-10 : new ScatterGrains 64X and ScatterVerb 64X (Win)

april-09 : ScatterSynth 64X, the Cutoff and the Shape have now their own modulation lines ; new ScaleLine 864X version with inertia setting, allows realtime automation

april-08 : the Distances 64X has now a reverberation section (Win only)

april-07 : SpaceConverter-3L 64X, new GUI with three separate layers views, hidden Patch, and the Layer 2 has 25 points instead of 24 (I needed it !)

april-04 : UniVerb 64X new decorelation parameter (Win)

april-03 : ScatterSynth 64X the triggers can be dephased and it has four Global Modulators

april-02 : AnimaPlayer 836X, 864X and 848L : simple waveform mix view

march-30 : SpatKeys 64X, the B5 key is now shown right, mini keyboard view

march-27 : the SimpleSend 264X, 864X and 1664X have now a GUI

march-25 : new Texturizer 64X... that replaces the previous plugin with this name, which has been renamed more rightly FocusPlayer

march-24 : FocusVox 36X, some small but usefull corrections (Win)

march-21 : FocusVerb 64X, the focus controls now the signal that is sent to the reverbs instead of the mix (Win)

march-20 : new BlenderSynth 64X

march-19 : MassBlender 64X replacement of the Shapes preset curves with variable ones ; colorized Areas

march-18 : new ScatterSynth 64X

march-14 : the SpatSynth 32X replaces the previous 36X version and has the same features (and defaults...) as the 64X

march-13 : new SpatSynth 3D-48L and SpatStrument 48L versions completes the range of plugins which benefit from the "layers" approach

march-12 : new layer based AnimaSpat3D 48L, AnimaSpat 848L and AnimaPlayer 848L versions

march-11 : KaleidoSynth 64X improved Resonator section

march-10 : UniSynth 64X and MultiSynth 64X extended parameters range and French PDF

march-09 : new MassLayers 848X, an interesting alternative to the SpatMass species that must contaminate other plugins...

march-04 : MultiKaleido 32 (Win32) better performances and new UI

march-02 : ScaleLine 64X extended Size range

feb-27 : MultiSamplers (Win32) : increased polyphony to 8, wider range level meters, the 48 channels version is replaced by 64 channels

feb-22 : SimpleTest 64X frequency multiplicator

feb-06 : the AnimaSampler 16 (Win32) has global controls for Pitch, Cutoff, Resonance and Attack

feb-04 : new ScaleLine 64X (64 x 64) in the Utilities section

feb-02 : new ScaleLine 1864X and 6418X


dec-29 : the MultiSynth 64X has four patchable global modulators ; the modulators of the UniSynth 64X are now also patchable

dec-24 : KaleidoSynth 64X the SH-Mix value was inverted + new 128X version ; new SpatMass 1618X version with patchable modulations

dec-13 : new HID to MIDI 3D MIDITrak (win32) ; the UniLevel 64X has 5 buttons for common settings

nov-25 : a bunch of several versions of existing plugins adapted for the Virginia Tech's 124 channels Cube : the PenSampler 128, the AleaSampler 124C and the KaleidoPlayer 128 are Win32 ; the SpatLayers 124C, the SpatPeaks 128 and the FastPatch 64-128C are x64. They will need a host that supports this number of channels such as Bidule, Element (free) or Max/Msp.

nov-21 : the FocusVox 36X is a 36 channels vocoder based on the FocusSynth sound generator (Win beta)

nov-20 : the Substractor 32X has now separated FFT views for input, profile and output

nov-19 : ZyliaREC is a standalone RAW audio recorder made with SAVIHost (Win)

nov-18 : the 3D-MIDIZ HID to MIDI converter is now optimized for the Lexip 3D Pro mouse (Win32)

oct-24 : Substractor 32X, first beta plugin of the new FFT series !

oct-09 : AnimaSynth 836X : the module n8 had a DC component, UI changes for Global Modulations like the 854X version (not finished)

sept-15 : two new plugins that can work together : the ZyliaTouch transforms this microphone into a 3D touch controller, and the MassInFaders 3264X can shape (at least) 19 channels spaces...

sept-04 : SimpleBass 36X and 64X, some inputs didn't send to the sub-4 channel

sept-03 : TetraMass 464X and ZyliaMass 1964X are dedicated versions of the SpatMass to use with multichannel microphones for close up recordings

aug-28 : MIDIPG (Win32) now up to n 128, better send Rate ; SimpleTest 64X (Utilities) same level for Auto-Mode ; MiniDeco 64X (FX) Chaos automation parameter label was wrong, Mono/Multi selection automation parameter available

aug-22 : LightPads 25 (Win32) updated global modulation section ; new LightWave 125X (FX) gesture controlled mass density shaper ; TheDetour 264X has a new Preset for the LightWave 125X

aug-16 : LevelMorph 64 (Win32) transition time up to 30", improved UI

aug-15 : FocusMass 36X and 64X : wider Focus range, improved S/H modulations, small UI changes

aug-14 : the AnimaSpat3D 64X is an optimized version for mono/stereo inputs

aug-12 : AnimaPlayer 864X with Modulation Patch System

aug-11 : AnimaSpat 864X (v2) with a new Modulation Patch System (use the v1 version for Presets compatibility)

aug-10 : Scatterizer and DynaMover : the main Modulators now use a patch wired system for easier and more powerful routings, note that modulations in Presets made with a previous version will not work anymore...

aug-07 : MultiMass : Refresh Rate per group to optimize the resources, small UI changes

aug-05 : the MassSynth, the MassGrains and the MultiMass include also the new Plane Shape

aug-04 : SpaceRotator : little buttons to set the angle to 90, 180 and 270 ; UniQ : values labels for Q and Peak, Peak's gain reduced to +/- 15 dB (was 30 !) ; MiniDeco : UI changes, more progressive Chaos and Feedback sliders, values labels

aug-03 : Scatterizer and DynaMover : new Wave Length and Wave Phase modulations

aug-02 : new DynaMover 64X (FX)

jul-31 : the SpatMass 1636X and 1664X have a new Plane Shape

jul-11 : new Distances 64X (FX) a spatial delay intermediary between the FocusDelay and the MiniDeco

jul-09 : Scatterizer 64X (FX) : more progressive bipolar Scale sliders, more accurate values display, more UI informations, 4th modulator, double-click value reset on Windows

jul-06 : the KaleidoPlayer 64 (Win32) has now four modulators

jul-02 : SpatSampler 3D-64 (Win32) various improvements

jun-30 : the "routing family" is now quite complete with the VisualPatch 64X

jun-29 : sometimes the simplest is enough : SimpleSend 64X, three versions with 2, 8 and 16 inputs

jun-28 : the reverb duration of the UniVerb 64X (Windows) can now go up to 240 secondes !

jun-27 : SpatLayers 264 : the three plugins have now a Master Area control, the Layers Area settings are more progressive, the speaker "39" shows the good number...

jun-25 : new plugin in the (yet small) "Layers" family : the SpatLayers 264 (three versions) is an alternative to the Spat3D 264X...

jun-13 : UniVerb 64X little improvements

jun-12 : three sub modulators for the AnimaPlayers too, new curve and direction settings for the Pitch and the Filter spatial modulations

jun-10 : the AnimaSpat have now 3 more Modulators to control the Rates and the Amplitudes of the other ones !

jun-01 : SpatLine 64X exponential Span slider ; AnimaPlayer : Volume and LFORate were exchanged

may-27 : SpatKeys 64X, output 26's envelope had an error and output 30 had no Release ; SpatSteps-3D 64X, the ring pointer was not visible, Volume Compensation was buggy and is temporarily bypassed

may-01 : Spat3D 218/236/264X better Volume Compensation parameter, wider RightLink control

apr-18 : new UniSpeed 64X (Windows only)

apr-12 : new KaleidoSampler 64X (Windows only) ; SampleStretcher cyclic speed control ; SimpleTest 64X error in output pin number, Mac version now pass through

apr-10 : new SampleStretcher 8X and 16X (Windows only)

apr-01 : 64 channels improved version of the FocusVerb ; new UniVerb 64X (Windows only)

mar-31 : last plugin of the Grains mini series : the FocusGrains 64X (Windows only), the other 36 channels versions will follow later

mar-30 : new AnimaGrains 864X ; MassGrains : Declick parameter (not 100% efficient)

mar-29 : new MassGrains 1664X (Windows only)

mar-20 : new FocusShifter 64X (Windows only)

mar-18 : SpaceConverter 36X and 64X have some code optimization, must be a little more efficient

feb-20 : some plugins in the Instruments category are also available as standalone applications for Windows, thanks to Herman Seib's SAVIHost

feb-16 : new InGrid 164x and 175X (others category)

feb-15 : when all the space converters fail, the new SpaceInFaders 80X is the ultimate solution !

feb-12 : the SpatSynth 3D-64X has now a mini Analyzer with a Hi-Cut and a 64 channels Resonator with modulations ; the UniSynth 64X has 4 global modulators 

feb-10 : small utilities FastPatch 80X, SpaceShifter 16x4 and SpaceRotator 12+4x4

feb-07 : improved version of the SpatSynth 3D

feb-06 : all the Focus series has now four modulators (X, Y, Z and Size), and a little Mouse Jumper button...

feb-05 : new Scatterizer 64X

feb-04 : the DisOrganizer works on Mac ; FocusSynth 64X : the sub-oscillator had no effect from channel 37

feb-03 : Spat3D 2018X, 236X and 264X : mouse X positions in the Front View are now constraint, it will be progressively deployed to every plugin where there is such a view...

feb-02 : new plugin DisOrganizer 64X (Windows only for the meantime) ; separate Presets folder for Windows users too

feb-01 : the right-click MIDI Learn is now saved by the host, it will be progressively applied to all the instruments versions from this date

jan-31 : UniSynth, MultiSynth, AggregaSynth and MassSynth : oscillator 1 double frequency range ; MassSynth has two low speed modulators, a DecoRez module and a Frequency Cutter to keep the ears (and the loudspeakers) safe

jan-30 : SpaceConverter 36X and 64X

jan-29 : new MultiMass 64X

jan-27 : AnimaSynth partial random values trigger ; UniSynth Transition time parameter ; Uni/Multi/Aggrega/Synths and SynthXplorer have now an On/Off switch, a wider Rate range and various corrections and improvements

jan-24 : four experimental synths variations based on a Random Engine and integrated within different spatialization methods : the UniSynth 64X, the MultiSynth 64X, the AggregaSynth 24-36X and the SynthXplorer 328X

jan-22 : SpatKeys 64X : polyphonic Time and Amp velocity control ; SpatSampler 36X : selectable polyphony, Area shape parameter ; AmbiPlayer 1X selectable polyphony

jan-21 : SpatLine 64X, the keyboard input works now on MacOS, vatiable Shape Area, variable S&H mix in the LFO

jan-20 : the KaleidoSpat and the KaleidoSynth have now a 64 channels DecoRez effect, various GUI improvements ; UniQ 64X variable curve frequency slider

jan-19 : SpatSteps3D 36X : Area Shape, the Stepper's external trigger now works properly, more accurate Cycler waveform, host tempo sync ; revert the ScaleMass 24X and the ScaleMass 1836X to the unique original 2436X version (the resources gain was not significative enough)

jan-18 : new KaleidoMass 864X ; MacOS : there must be no more problem connecting the wires in the SimplePatch, the SquarePatch and the SpaceConverter

jan-17 : new KaleidoSynth 64X ! ; KaleidoSpat 64X, channels linking now works, filters modulation polarity

jan-16 : FocusMass inverse polarity option to make it function as a mask ; SimpleTest 64X more precise LFO in Auto Mode ; KaleidoSpat 64X revert to the previous filter, corrected filter modulation, the overlapping fragments now overlap as they should...

jan-15 : Anima series : new Morph Modulator, tempo synchronized Jumper, more precise low frequency oscillators (in blue), various corrections and GUI improvements

jan-14 : SimpleTest 64X new Auto Mode

jan-13 : Spat3D 218, 236 and 264X, the fixed Area shapes is replaced with a variable Shape, the 264X version has now a Center Compensation too

jan-12 : all the "Focus" based plugins : new Focus Shape parameter

jan-07 : new plugin Texturizer 36X / 64X

jan-05 : working version of the MassKeys 864X (+ TheDetour 864X for Steinberg's victimes...)

jan-04 : KaleidoSpat 64X better filter and variation, additionnal LowCut filter

jan-03 : SimpleBass 16X, 36X and 64X, the Sub 2 output had a DC offset ; MassBlender 64X, the parameters are now recalled and displayed correctly, 6 inputs can be selected, influence zones instead of bars, outputs meters

jan-02 : AnimaSynth : distances visualization bars, oscillators to inputs routing, 8 channels HiCut filter, multichannel echo + 36 channels version

jan-01 : the SpatKeys 64X now works as expected :-) ; in several plugins the displayed waves or shapes are now correct at start (see the date)


dec-31 : the AnimaSynth 864X is finally available !

dec-30 : SpatSynth 3D-36 : trigger now works as expected, improved modulations, S/H mix, OSC spatial link modulation

dec-29 : new plugin UniQ 64X

dec-28 : new plugins SpaceXplorer 328X and MultiPlayer 32X

dec-25 : updates for Audio Units versions of SpatMass, FocusMass and FocusDelays

dec-22 : nearly all Audio Units versions must run a lot smoother in Reaper ! but attention, previous host Presets might not work anymore :-(

dec-18 : AnimaPlayers Tails : longer maximum delay and experimental "organic" variation setting

dec-17 : MassBlender and SpatLine : wider Global Area/Influence range

dec-16 : AnimaPlayers : additionnal gain control for each 8 players

dec-14 : AnimaSpats and AnimaPlayers : the X position of the input 7 was not updated in the CircleVS mode of the PulseModulator

dec-13 : SpaceConverter 3LX preliminary help PDF in French

dec-11 : automation parameters cleaning in the 64 channels Focus series ; UniLevel 64X channel 23 had no control

nov-28 : the ScaleMass 24-36 is now separated into two plugins : the ScaleMass 24X and the ScaleMass 18-36X

nov-25 : ScaleMass 2436X in some circumstances the inputs 17 to 24 were not processed ; Focus... series the outputs height position was sometimes not editable

nov-24 : preliminary version of the SpatSampler 3D-36X

nov-15 : SpatMass 1636X and 1664X 3D view : the inputs activation was not reported

nov-12 : SimpleBass 18X and 36X : there might have less crakles when changing the filters values, hopefully...

nov-11 : Spat3D 218X, 236X and 264X : Polar controls labels, the test signal in now conform to the K-20 system

nov-09 : SpaceConverter 3LX : output 6 on all levels had wrong X coordinates, some areas had a wrong scale

oct-31 : the Spat3D 864X is now 1664X

oct-30 : SpectraMass 64 channels version

oct-29 : scatter setting in the ScaleMass

oct-28 : Spat3D 218X, 236X and 264X : preliminary Area Volume Compensation setting, updated PDFs

oct-27 : new SpatPeaks 3DX

oct-26 : AnimaPlayers : distance bars visualization, values labels, new parameters in the Sphere Shape, ZCompensation, mini 3D view, might now work also in MacOS !

oct-25 : new NodeControl 3DX

oct-24 : SpatMass, AnimaSpat, ShapeControl and SphereControl : fixed ZCompensation option for arrangements when there is more loudspeakers in the horizontal plane than in the vertical one

oct-23 : new SpatMass 1636X and 1664X : the "spatial mass family" is now potentially completed in the x64/MacOS branch !

oct-22 : AnimaSpat 836X and 864X : new Length, Arch, Ray and Smooth parameters in the Sphere Shape ; new SphereControl 8X and 16X

oct-21 : Spat3D 836X and 864X : distance bars visualization, wider range of Area values

oct-20 : new ShapeControl 3DX ; the ScaleControl 3DX must work now on MacOS

oct-19 : the Spatkeys, the SpatLine and the SpatStruments have now a special button for VST3i that automatically exchange their firsts and lasts inputs (but they always need to be followed by TheDetour 64X...)

oct-18 : new ScaleControl 3DX ; the AnimaSpat 836X and 864X have values labels

oct-17 : AnimaSpat 836X and 864X : distance bars visualization, better LFOs waveform recall, the Chaos peak trigger now works, wider range of Area values, preliminary english PDF

oct-16 : Spat3D 236X and 264X : amplitude curves, better Presets, updated french PDF, preliminary english PDF ; the DisPatcher 64X has now an auto-trigger mode

oct-15 : Spat3D 218X : improved Center Compensation parameters for surround layouts, amplitude curves, more Presets, updated french PDF

oct-14 : MiniDeco 64X has now a better acceleration parameter ; FocusRing 64X : the mono input didn't work ; MassBlender 64X : there was a DC signal on the inputs !

oct-14 : SpectraSplitter 16X version, updated french PDF

oct-13 : new SpatSteps3D 36X with french PDF

oct-12 : SpatLine 64X update with graphic keyboard and better MIDI notes correspondance, updated french PDF

oct-11 : SpaceConverter 324X : add inputs and outputs gains, GUI update, Mac version

oct-10 : new MassBlender 64X

oct-08 : new SpectraMass 36X

oct-07 : new ScaleMass 24-36X

oct-06 : AnimaSpat and AnimaPlayer : new "Sphere" shape, updated french PDF

oct-05 : the SpatLine 64X is now an "instrument" in order to use a MIDI keyboard to move along the line ; Spat3D 2n : integrated pink noise Test signal

oct-04 : new MultiQ 32-64X ; refresh rate setting for all the AnimaSpat / AnimaPlayers (it may help on Mac)

oct-03 : preliminary versions of the SpatStrument 18X/64X : play all your mono/stereo hardware and software instruments with a multichannel spatialization !

oct-2 : AmbiFX5 update with a new parametric filter, always very experimental !

oct-1 : new Analyzer series


(sept : no time to take notes about the new plugins and the updates !)


aug/sept... : new 18/36/64 channels Spat3D ; basic KaleidoSpat ; AmbiFX 5X tests ; working version of the Spat3D 836X ; the Audio Units now also work with more than 8 channels...

aug-24 : Synthedit 1.4 plugins are no more limited to 32 channels !

aug-22 2018 : Synthedit 1.4 multichannel bug correction > reprogrammation from scratch of the "Distance Based Amplitude Control" module with the basic stock elements